The case against the Apple iPhone 4S

Should you upgrade for an iPhone 4S? It’s certainly tempting – but my family can’t afford to upgrade each time a new Apple product hits the market, especially if we’re going to make room in our budget for my purchase of Pink Floyd Immersion box sets. To guide our decision making, I sought the advice of someone whose opinions you and I should trust: John Hensler, owner of Sunken Anchor Media. I don’t purchase any consumer electronics without consulting John. He not only enjoys products by Apple (and other brands) as a consumer – he needs them to perform well as a business owner. Here’s John’s take, contributed as a guest opinion to Superhype:

I have decided to skip the 4S purchase.  The new camera is enticing, but I think I’ll wait for the “real” iPhone 5, whenever that is.  I bet it’s not a year from now.

I don’t want to be locked into another AT&T contract for another two years when my current one will be up in June of 2012.  Who knows, Apple might go back to the schedule of introducing new phones during the summer. Especially with Sprint now a carrier, there will be more competition and choice among providers

I’ve read a few articles from analysts who think the 4S is a stopgap phone to make sure that Apple has fresh product for the holiday season.  I think that’s about right.  At any rate, I’m really quite happy with the 4, and with the launch of the new Apple iOS 5 operating system, it should be great. Apple iOS 5 is impressive on the iPad; I’m sure it will be that way on the iPhone.

Besides, when the next iPad comes out — probably next March or April — it will likely have a retina display, and I’ll want to have one of those for sure. I’ll give my current iPad to my mom.  So I have to budget out my “iPurchases.”

Wise words. In my case, I need to consider two iPhone upgrades (for my wife and me) and any impact on our family phone plan with AT&T. And, it won’t be long before I need to think of our daughter owning an iPhone. I’m sitting tight. How about you?

5 thoughts on “The case against the Apple iPhone 4S

  1. The question to ask, which no one seems to be asking, is what would have done it for you? What would have made you pull the trigger and buy a new iPhone now?

    • Thank you for asking, Jeff. People buying the iPhone 4S (and obviously there are many based on product sales) seem to be motivated by the faster processing speed and better camera functionality. I might have been tempted to buy the product had it not seemed like a stopgap between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. More positive early reviews might have swayed me to buy it.

  2. Early reviews were based on a specs list, and even so, the reviews seemed colored by the no new form-factor blues.

    The newest reviews are actual reviews based on in-hand experiences and are much more positive.

    Have these changed your mind?

    • Good points, Jeff. I have not been swayed to upgrade at least right now. Since I need to upgrade for multiple phones and deal with any recurring impacts on my AT&T agreement, I\’m going to hold off until 2012 for the next release before taking the plunge.

  3. I am so glad I read this, I am in the process of trying to purchase a phone. The Iphone was my first choice but I wasn\’t sure thats what I really wanted. Now I thing I will wait until next year to see what new on the market.

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