Jermaine Dupri: musically social

Think the world already has enough social networks? Well, get ready for another one: Global 14, launched recently by Grammy-award winning producer Jermaine Dupri. Global 14 focuses on the interests of the rap and hip-hop communities. The site features 500 discussion groups on topics ranging from music to cooking. And Jermaine himself pledges to be an active enthusiast.

As he told, “People only know Facebook owner [Mark Zuckerberg] now because of his money. You wouldn’t have hung out with him before you knew what he did. I have an influence on producers, songwriters, artists and creative people in general.”

According to, the has secured 10,650 subscribers in less than three months and attracted interest from celebrities such as Nelly.

I recently joined Global 14 and find the site useful for making new friends among the rap/hip-hop world, hearing new music from lesser known artists, and staying on top of news relevant to the community. I need to contribute more wall posts, but so far I’m encouraged that people have responded to my own commentary to date.

Meantime, Jermaine remains connected with his fans and influencers in other ways, too, including a cool iPhone app that contains links to content he creates, such as videos, Twitter, Global 14, and iTunes.

I believe Global 14 is just a hint of what’s to come: more specialized social networks where members not only become friends but share new content such as original music.

I also believe we will see more celebrity-branded networks such as Jermaine’s, where a major brand name can exert his or her influence in a meaningful way.

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