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I recently joined the marketing team at iCrossing, a global digital agency that builds connected brands. I’m focusing on thought leadership, influencer outreach, and sharing the company brand through social media. I’m excited at this direction in my career, and I’d also love your help.

First, a bit more about my areas of focus. Thought leadership, social media, and influencer outreach are inter-related fields. Thought leadership — usually considered the ideas an agency generates through its points of view, research, and blogs — is essential to the success of an agency. Ideas constitute the currency of our industry — and, as industry expert Michael Gass recently noted, are essential to an agency’s business.

Influencer outreach — the way we connect with bloggers and think-tanks, to cite a few examples — helps a company like iCrossing improve our thought leadership.

And of course social media enable the conversation with influencers.

I’m working with my colleagues at iCrossing to figure out a thought leadership agenda — the topics that will influence the ideas we share with you and our clients.

To give you an example of what we’re doing already: iCrossing recently published a major point of view on why brands must act like content publishers to succeed, and you can expect more about that topic. We’re blogging about a diverse range of topics such as how companies use social media to become more effective and the state of the art in search marketing.

I would love to have your input, too. What ideas would you like to see iCrossing share with the marketplace? What would make us a more useful brand to you? For instance, would you like to see PoVs on specific consumer segments like digital moms or teens? Advances in social media? Commentary on mobile marketing?

Feel free to ping me at or leave a comment on this blog.

I am listening. Thank you.

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