Don’t text in this movie theater

There is a God.

Most movie theaters use the polite-but-ineffective appeal to human decency to prevent you from texting during movies. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas, will eject you for texting during a movie.

And don’t complain if you get ejected: you might find yourself appearing in the theater’s pre-roll no-texting video shown to everyone in the theater. (Note the video as depicted in this blog post is NSFW).

Although I agree with what the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is doing, I also believe the theater’s policy represents the last gasp of a dying breed. The “SxSW generation” has taken over the live entertainment experience. They comfortably Tweet, text, upload their Facebook accounts, and otherwise multi-task while they are listening and watching you.

So I tip my cap to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. But you are fighting a losing battle in the long run.

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  1. John Hensler says:

    Due to all the attention the internet has recently showered on the Alamo, they took all of their PSAs and placed them on a single page. While they aren\’t all gems, many are kind of cool:

    Remember the Alamo!

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