Content + community + analytics = real-time marketing

On the iCrossing Content Lab blog I’ve been talking about how content marketing is a CMO-level priority, as have many other bloggers. But being a priority is one thing; how do senior marketers make content marketing a reality? To address that issue, today my employer iCrossing launched the Live Media Studio, which is the interactive ad industry’s first-ever resource dedicated to real-time marketing.

Based in New York, the studio uses analytics-based insights about digital consumers to develop branded content and engage communities for clients in real time.

In the studio, iCrossing plans and manages the daily editorial production and publication of branded content (such as videos, infographics, articles, blog posts, and tweets) to engage communities. The studio relies on a team of audience researchers, Emmy award-winning content producers, and WOMMA-trained audience managers experienced in real-time content creation.

iCrossing researchers use analytics-based approaches to understand the interests and behaviors of our clients’ communities. Their insights inform the content we develop and community management approaches we undertake.

The Live Media Studio is supporting several clients in industries ranging from financial services to retail, as discussed in Advertising Age (subscription required).

iCrossing is certainly not the first agency to help senior executives develop branded content. What makes the Live Media Studio different is the way it combines content with community management and analytics to make content marketing work in real time.

I also think the Live Media Studio demonstrates the value of agile thinking. As I wrote on the iCrossing Great Finds blog today, the marketplace will not wait around for CMOs to vet their new product launches and services seven ways to Sunday before finally going live — especially at a time when we now have a way (social media) to make mid-course corrections to ideas based on input from customers.

This kind of agile idea development means that creative designers, content developers, researchers, and community managers need to work together in a real-time environment to launch content and make adjustments as we go along based on customer feedback shared socially.

The Live Media Studio is a place to unleash ideas the agile way.

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