A slice of hip hop: “Wait for Me” by ILL Son


Wait for Me” by ILL Son requires a close listen to appreciate. When I first heard the sweet female chorus and the gentle chimes that open the song, I thought ILL Son had shared with me another love song like his lush production of “Get 2 You.” But then ILL Son’s voice kicks in with a rap that reveals a man in torment over a girl who is with the wrong guy.

“Fast track marter rail/on your way to excel,” he raps. “But you want to give it up/say that you feeling him/Wrong step your life is full of wages minimum/that’s your world when you live with a criminal.”

And at the same time, I sense that the narrator isn’t so sure he’s the right choice, either (“I can’t keep putting you thu this hell”).

What else tells me this song is not all sweetness and light? The fuzzy guitar line, which provides some extra sting to the rap.

I got to know ILL Son, who is based in Atlanta, on Global 14, which is a social site run by Jermaine Dupri and source of vibrant communities who share lifestyle interests ranging from hip hop to relationships. Check out ILL Son on Global 14 and follow him on Twitter @ill_son.