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Why We Buy Vinyl

My name is David. And I’m a vinyl addict.  At a time when I should be de-cluttering my life, I’m accumulating vinyl records. I own four copies of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It’s not enough for me to … Continue reading

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The Problem with Mick Jagger

America doesn’t know what to do with Mick Jagger. Jagger famously captured the essence of rebellion and raw sexuality decades ago. At the height of his creative powers and cultural relevance in the 1960s, he was a threat to the … Continue reading

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The Best and Worst Musicians in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Music purists love to trash the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for being a creaky institution run by out-of-touch guardians of all that is old and irrelevant. And yet, music writers can’t stop talking about the Hall, which, ironically, … Continue reading

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Memorable Album Covers: “Exile on Main St.”

Whenever I see the cover of Exile on Main St., I think of my courtship with Janice Deal in the late 1980s. We learned about each other through our vinyl collections during that time. Jan’s Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel … Continue reading

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The Case for Remixing Your Logo

For most brands, corporate logos are protected and revered. A business such as Disney invests substantial energy and budget into making its logotype a consistent expression of its brand essence, and for good reason: especially in the age of Instagram … Continue reading

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Millennials and Old People Rule the Music World

Music fans have always reserved the right to identify with the popular artists of their time while harshly judging the tastes of the generations that follow them. Those who came of age during World War II had Frank Sinatra, and … Continue reading

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Keith Richards: The Old Man Keeps Growing

Keith Richards is a crotchety old man. He hates new music. He gives the stink eye to some famous old music, too (he told Esquire that Sgt. Peppers was “rubbish”). He told Billboard recently that he seldom gets out anymore … Continue reading

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“Sticky Fingers”: How an Album Cover Defined the Stones

Some album covers are memorable because they perfectly express an artist’s image (or brand, if you will) as well as music. Such is the case with Sticky Fingers, the 11th American studio album of the Rolling Stones. Sticky Fingers, newly … Continue reading

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Visual Storytelling in Today’s “All Access” Era

Access. It’s the most valuable currency of celebrity journalism. Photojournalists Bob Gruen and Ken Regan built celebrated careers by getting access to coveted rock stars such as Madonna, whom Ken Regan photographed as she was about to become a star. … Continue reading

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My Cold-Weather Rock and Roll

Winter has tightened its grip on Chicago. On a Friday afternoon in early December, the temperatures feel like they are dropping by the minute. The sun escapes the chill of the day early, leaving behind long shadows and an occasional … Continue reading

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