Don’t sound like your parents

Someday I’ll need to talk to my daughter about drugs.  I sure hope I don’t screw it up.  To help people like me, my employer Razorfish and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA) have launched a site, Don’t Sound Like Your Parents.  The site uses video reels to depict the many ways that Baby Boomer parents have failed to talk to their kids about drugs, using somewhat jaded and wry narratives.  Moreover, viewers can post their own stories about how they learned about drugs from their parents.  Replies are posted as facsimile paper notes across the screen.

Some of the replies are quite interesting, ranging from parents who did drugs and discussed their experiences frankly with their children to parents who just avoided the topic.  The site also contains links to information like “A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Brain.”

Razorfish also is conducting digital advertising to raise awareness for “Don’t Sound Like Your Parents,” including interactive ads appearing on properties like and, which are PDFA partner sites.

Talking to kids about drugs: not the easiest thing to do or “promote.”  Lots of risk for trying to be hip but sounding uncool.  How did we do?

Here is a critique of the site from Adrants, by the way.