Brand loyal-tee

Conventional wisdom says brand loyalty is dead, and yet a recent discovery I made at a nearby Target store indicates we are still willing to pledge our allegiance to a logo, at least. Shoppers in the mens department are apparently willing to shell out good money for the privilege to flaunt T shirts advertising their love of products ranging from Coca-Cola to Ford, as these snapshots I took at Target show:

And of course you can find plenty more online:

So what gives? Well, I am not so sure the T shirts are about brand loyalty but rather nostalgia and hipness. The logos represent venerable consumer brands that say “Americana.” The logos (as well as the T shirt designs) have a retro feel to them. Also, I don’t think it’s any accident that the products are stocked next to tees with images of Pac Man and Sesame Street characters adorned on them. Some clever marketing going on here — making corporate logos legitimate by showing you that the SpagettiO’s smiley face can look just as cuddly as Big Bird.

Buy it?