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The Banality of “Your Health and Safety Are Our Top Concern”

What have you been doing during the coronavirus lockdown? I have been reading emails from businesses. Lots of them. Seems like every organization in the world wants to reach out and let me know how much they care about me … Continue reading

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Gillette Tries to Be the Best That Companies Can Be

Gillette sure knows how to create a controversy. The company’s “We Believe” short video, which challenges men to hold each other accountable for toxic behavior, has quickly become a polarizing example of the emotional firestorm a business can ignite when … Continue reading

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Will the Apple brand become more open without Steve Jobs?

Where is the Apple brand headed in the aftermath of Steve Jobs’s resignation as CEO? It’s a significant question for one of the world’s most valuable companies (depending on the daily ups and downs of the stock market.) Steve Jobs … Continue reading

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Why marketers love bad boys

Why do bad boys and girls fascinate us? Why do people who thumb their noses at society and sometimes self-destruct capture the attention of marketing and business executives? I’ve been pondering these questions ever since I saw Dana Anderson of … Continue reading

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How Abraham Lincoln can make you a better marketing executive

Marketing executives must endure an impossible learning curve.  Social media.  Cloud computing.  Consumer generated content. So many dramatic changes to understand all at once.  Is it any wonder that CMO job tenures seem shaky at best?  Fortunately marketing executives have … Continue reading

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Jimmy Page, the Hardy Boys & Razorfish

In the Marketing Hitch Ad Industry Innovator series, David Wiggs was kind enough to profile Razorfish and my role as vice president of marketing.  David indicates that Razorfish has “helped reshape marketing conversations by leading public, transparent discussions on how … Continue reading

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Obama.com & You

View more presentations from David Deal. At FIAP Buenos Aires, my Razorfish colleague Joe Crump discussed seven tactics that marketers can learn from Barack Obama, America’s first digital president.  I’ve reproduced his presentation here and highly recommend you take a … Continue reading

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Razorfish, CafeMom study digital moms

If marketers want to understand today’s mom, we had better get in touch with her digital side.  CafeMom and my employer Razorfish have published a report, Digital Mom, to help.  Digital Mom analyzes the purchasing behavior and media consumption habits … Continue reading

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How children named the Super Bowl

How the NFL championship game came to be known as the Super Bowl is the stuff of marketing legend.  The game was formed in 1966 when two rival American football organizations, the NFL and AFL, agreed that the best teams … Continue reading

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Number one with a “Bullitt”

  Marketing and communications executives are obsessed with “message consistency.” We want our audiences to form the same impressions of our brands whether they’re reading magazine advertisements carefully designed by our creative team, exploring our company Facebook page, or discussing … Continue reading

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