How Movie Theaters Are Competing Harder for Your Time and Money


Movie theaters face the same challenge as sports stadiums: they need to fill seats even when they cannot control the quality of the product they offer. Wrigley Field must sell tickets and concessions whether the Chicago Cubs are contending for the pennant or dwelling in the cellar. iPic Theaters and Regal Cinemas must convince you to spend a few hours of your day at their locations whether they’re featuring the critically acclaimed Inside Out or the dud Pixels. Increasingly, movie theaters are hedging their bets by making the theaters themselves destinations and by combining online marketing offers with customer loyalty programs. For example, iPic Theaters provide lounges with billiard tables, bars, and dinner menus along with a tiered membership package that provides benefits for returning customers. In a new¬†blog post for my client SIM Partners, I discuss some of the principal ways movie theaters are offering a more compelling experience beyond the movies advertised on their marquees. I enjoyed exploring different theaters for my research as well as tapping into my iPhone to see how theaters are attracting mobile consumers. What are some of your favorite theaters, and why?