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How to Be a Market Maker

Steve Jobs is like the Beatles: we admire them, but how many of marketers believe we can change the world like they did? Well, my newly published white paper, How to Be a Market Maker, shows you how you can … Continue reading

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NFL magazine: fumble or first down?

What publication do you read for in-depth coverage of the Super Bowl? Sports Illustrated or ESPN online, perhaps? If the National Football League has its way, your future choice will be NFL magazine, a recently launched publication covering all things … Continue reading

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Jeff Bezos: the king of content

Jeff Bezos wants Earth’s biggest online retailer to become the world’s mightiest content publisher and distributor.  In a recent interview with Steven Levy of Wired, Bezos shared how Amazon is creating a web content powerhouse through an a three-pronged, interlocking … Continue reading

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“Do or Die”: tough medicine for the CMO

Marketers need to shift their focus from saying things about their brands to creating great products and experiences that will make people love their brands. That’s what Clark Kokich believes. Clark, chairman of Razorfish, is the author of Do or … Continue reading

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The case against the Apple iPhone 4S

Should you upgrade for an iPhone 4S? It’s certainly tempting – but my family can’t afford to upgrade each time a new Apple product hits the market, especially if we’re going to make room in our budget for my purchase … Continue reading

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Will the Apple brand become more open without Steve Jobs?

Where is the Apple brand headed in the aftermath of Steve Jobs’s resignation as CEO? It’s a significant question for one of the world’s most valuable companies (depending on the daily ups and downs of the stock market.) Steve Jobs … Continue reading

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Are you acting like a digital steward or a fool?

Want to be a good digital steward? Teach yourself and your children digital literacy and manners. That’s my reaction to a new Retrevo study on the lifestyle habits of digitally connected parents that Jennifer Jacobson of Retrevo kindly shared with … Continue reading

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iPad could unleash creativity

The unveiling of the Apple iPad has inspired much commentary among my Razorfish colleagues.  I’ve read tongue-in-cheek reactions from Amnesia Razorfish.  Domenic Venuto, head of the Razorfish media/entertainment practice in New York, has discussed the iPad’s implications for the publishing … Continue reading

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