Music I like: “I Get Da Money” by Spade

The Global 14 social destination run by Jermaine Dupri is a hotbed of emerging music from aspiring hip-hip and rap stars. One of the benefits of being a member is having artists share their music with you personally. It’s like a holiday grab bag: sometimes you find a gift that you toss back into the bag, but other times you find a keeper.

One good example of a musical keeper is the tune “I Get Da Money” by Spade, whose video appears in this blog post. I like this one because the driving beat, Spade’s wordplay, and a Latin-fused chorus move you along with a provocative and tightly edited video.

Spade’s manager Imurge Thugwear sent me that tune on Global 14. Check out “I Get Da Money” and join Global 14 to explore more.

What music do you like?