A slice of hip-hop: “Lounge Music” by Ha-Rih

Just when you think you’ve heard enough chill-out from Hed Kandi to last a lifetime, along comes a song like “Lounge Music” to make you feel like you’re discovering the genre all over again. With “Lounge Music,” Ha-Rih blends chill-out with hip-hip to create a pretty damned sexy and coy tribute to the joys of lounging, Ha-Rih style.

What makes the song for me is piano that really works as baseline anchoring the melody while Ha-Rih raps, “Listen up I’m your host just vibe/We on the road roll slow just ride out/blow smoke watch it go to the sky,” complemented by a gentle percussion. Here’s how Ha-Rih describes the song to me:

“Lounge Music” is a laid back type of song that was inspired and composed off of the daily, weekly and occasional routines of my crew, or group of friends as well as myself. The song basically describes things we like to do in our spare time as well as certain rules or mottos we may follow as a group.

The “Lounge Music” video was actually shot in my hometown Richmond, Virginia, inside an upscale hotel. The view from the suite’s window was very fitting for the song as well as the room’s decor and hotel’s amenities.

Ha-Rih also credits the work of friend and producer Smooth for the creation of the track.

The song is one of the highlights of Ha-Rih’s mixtape, Digital Vinyl, which is available for a free download here. The entire mixtape alternates between laid-back vibe of “Lounge Music” with the brash swagger of “Digital Vinyl (Intro)” and “Nostalgia.” Here’s another taste of Digital Vinyl via a new video Ha-Rih just released, “By the End of the Night”:

Ha-Rih raps about turning her on at the end of the night, but the song turned me on at 6:00 a.m. when I heard it.

Ha-Rih, a rapper, producer, and business executive from Richmond, considers music his calling. He has been involved in music production since he was 14, composing tracks in high school. He continued developing his career while attending Full Sail University, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in entertainment business and developed relationships with artists, producers, fashion designers, and engineers.

He released Digital Vinyl (his first mixtape) in 2011 and will soon release a new mixtape, The Syndication.

I first heard about Ha-Rih and “Lounge Music” on Global 14, which is a social site run by Jermaine Dupri and source of vibrant communities who share lifestyle interests ranging from hip hop to relationships. Check out Ha-Rih on Global 14, follow him on Twitter @Ha_Rih, and Like his page on Facebook here.