Let us now praise the Google Doodle

I awoke this morning to discover a fresh coat of snow on my driveway and on Google’s home page. Through a Google Doodle, today Google celebrates the 125th anniversary of the largest recorded snowflake – which was said to be 15 inches in diameter when it landed  in Montana in 1887. Not only are Google Doodles fun, they also inject playfulness and creativity into the Google brand. Note that Google does so by showing you through an engaging experience, unlike Microsoft, which typically tries to tell you (and not very convincingly) how creative and fun its own brand can be. For another example of showing, not telling, check out this video of how Google has celebrated the winter season:

The Google Doodle makes a statement about the global nature of the Google brand, too, having commemorated Federico Fellini’s 92nd birthday in Italy and elections in Taiwan.

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