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Location-Based Marketing Is More Than a Foursquare Game

The next time your boss insists you create a Foursquare scavenger hunt to make your brand “fun,” ask yourself who your audience is and what they’ll get out of the experience. Using location-based services such as Foursquare to build your … Continue reading

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Social media immaturity

Social media platforms like Facebook are like the American healthcare system: useful so long as you remain perfectly healthy for your entire life. But if you sneeze, you might be royally screwed. Doing business with Facebook is like getting service … Continue reading

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A square on Foursquare

I finally did it: after resisting peer pressure to complicate my life with another social media application, I joined Foursquare. (Is that what you do?  “Join” Foursquare? “Fan” Foursquare?)  After all, I work for Razorfish, a company that took pride … Continue reading

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