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This Is the World Uber Has Made

Uber has become so pervasive that the company is changing our vocabulary. In everyday settings, we use Uber as a verb (as in “I’ll Uber to the ball game tonight”). In business settings, we use the term “uberization” or “uberfication” … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Media/Entertainment Roadmap

(Image source: Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times) Facebook has hit a few speed bumps lately as the world’s largest social network heads down the path of becoming a media/entertainment business. About a week ago, company was accused of suppressing content from conservative … Continue reading

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The Future of Concert Live Streaming: Social Virtual Reality

Music is the star of the annual Coachella festival, which kicked off April 15 for the weekend and resumes April 22, but virtual reality is starting to grab its own headlines. Coachella and Vantaget.tv recently announced the launch of its own virtual … Continue reading

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How Musician Alison Goldfrapp Creates Social Media Mystique

Recently, I was talking with a director about how artists use social media. He vowed never to use it. “Lifting the veil to your private life ruins the artist’s mystique,” he said. And he has a point. Sharing on social … Continue reading

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Show — Don’t Tell

Unveiling a new logo is like telling a joke: if you have to explain it, you’ve lost your audience already. That’s why I like the approach that innovation consultancy BeyondCurious took recently in sharing its new logotype. Instead of publishing … Continue reading

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Is There Room for Brands on Ello? You Bet

Meet Ello, the anti-advertising social network and gated community for the cool kids. Ello has already exploded in popularity by offering an ad-free network and by allowing members to use made-up names instead of their real names (unlike Facebook, which … Continue reading

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How Hip-Hop Legend Jermaine Dupri Writes His Own Rules

In the world of hip-hop mogul Jermaine Dupri, building excitement for new music means creating his own rules for using social media to engage with fans. Dupri, Mariah Carey’s manager and co-producer, has been a lightning rod for criticism from … Continue reading

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How Internet Pranksters Such as Elan Gale and Randy Liedtke Take Advantage of Our “Me, Too, Me, First” Culture

Truth is the first casualty in the digital war for attention. Throughout 2013, a rash of hoaxes perpetuated online have reminded us of the fragile nature of credibility in the digital world. So many attention-grubbing pranksters have hijacked digital media … Continue reading

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Mariah Carey Turns a Facebook Mistake into an Opportunity

Earlier this week, I blogged about how one musical star of the analog age, Mariah Carey, embraced digital by releasing a new song on Facebook November 11. The song, “The Art of Letting Go,” was shared with Carey’s 14 million … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey: Attack of the Digital Divas

Welcome to new music release day 2013, when the deployment of social and mobile technology by the artist is as important as the sharing of the music itself. The era of expecting the unveiling of a record album or song … Continue reading

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