New Altimeter Group report challenges social software vendors to grow up


If you’ve ever felt that your company’s social media platforms have spiraled out of control, you are not alone. According to a new Altimeter Group report, brands manage an average of 178 discrete social media accounts such as YouTube channels and Facebook pages. The report, A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation, evaluates the equally complex web of software vendors designed to help brands manage their social spaces. The bottom line: the landscape for social media management systems is immature. Make sure you first have a well-defined social media strategy mapped to your business objectives before you attempt to hire a vendor.

“We see rapid growth in the market, yet no single solution stands out as able to satisfy all needs of mature buyers,” writes the report’s primary author, Jeremiah Owyang, after evaluating 27 social media management systems vendors such as Buddy Media and Engage121. In fact, the report classifies the marketplace as full of “immature vendors.”

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