Please support charity: water

Being able to enjoy a glass of clean, safe water is probably something you take for granted, like the sun rising every day.  And yet a billion people in the world lack access to safe water. My employer Razorfish just helped nonprofit charity: water launch a campaign to address this problem. I hope you will take a moment to help.

Here’s the pitch: charity: water is dedicated to bringing safe water to developing nations. All donations to charity: water go directly to projects like the creation of deep wells and biosand filters. And charity: water proves every project built by using photos, content, and GPS coordinates via Google Maps. So far charity: water has launched nearly 3,000 such projects saving nearly 1.3 million people. The newest charity: water undertaking, September, seeks to raise funds to build wells in the Central African Republic, where more than one third of the nation’s 4.3 million people lack access to clean water, causing a host of life-threatening problems ranging from dehydration to disease resulting from unsanitary conditions. So how can you help? For starters:

Of course I invite you to explore the charity: water website — truly a cutting edge use of digital to raise awareness for a charity, including a stunning high-definition video that features a snapshot of the Bayaka people in the Central African Republic to show you the human impact of your effort.

Razorfish pro bono support for the September campaign includes helping to conceive the social media strategy, driving the search marketing strategy, and working with publishers to raise ad impressions.

I hope you will help.