Online, offline converge in new marketing campaign

How do you make laundry detergent fun?

My employer Razorfish tackled this challenge when we helped all® detergent create a promotion that aired April 5 on Celebrity Apprentice.  Instead of focusing on product attributes, we associated all® with a charitable cause through viral marketing.  Celebrity Apprentice viewers saw a 30-second TV ad directing them to a website to watch videos that feature Celebrity Apprentice contestants Joan and Melissa Rivers.  The playful videos feature Joan and Melissa using all® in fairly ridiculous settings.  (In one video, Melissa portrays a laundry fairy who helps families clean their dirty clothing.)  Each time people forward the videos, all® donates 50 cents to charity. (We’ve also uploaded the videos on YouTube.)

Razorfish created both the TV spot and the viral videos.  According to Adweek magazine, the promotion “is more evidence that the lines between digital and traditional shops are blurring.”  Razorfish Executive Creative Director Marc Lucas told Adweek, “Razorfish has a history in digital media and developing Web sites.  In the last 12 to 18 months, we’ve made a push to be a marketing services company and being more media agnostic.”

Indeed, Razorfish has honed long-form video skills for clients like Coors Light and L’Oreal.  For Instance, with L’Oreal, Razorfish created the tongue-in-cheek “Harry Situation” viral videos to promote the Bold It line of hair care products for men.  And with Coors Light, Razorfish created the “Call It a Day” series in 2007. (The videos consist of amusing little vignettes of people having a very bad day, with the message being, “Isn’t it time you called it a day and had a Coors Light?”)

I think the crucial distinction to be made between digital video and TV video is the interactive nature of digital.  Consumers can comment on the YouTube video vignettes — ripping them if we dislike them, and praising them if we enjoy them.  Essential to this campaign, we can share the content with each other.

Some day, when TV realizes its potential to become interactive, the distinctions between the digital world and TV will disappear.  For now, Razorfish is tapping into the inherently interactive and social nature of digital to help all® build its brand.

I welcome your feedback.