2 thoughts on “Why attorneys should not advertise

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  2. Hahaha. Although its funny. there are some sad truth to this about the world of law marketing.

    There are some really bad law advertising out there. Not only bad ads but bad websites as well. Just google one and you will see why. After doing law marketing for over 4 years now, i can understand why such monstrosity could even exist.

    1. Since the law marketing is so complex and not very profitable (compare to other industries), there are only a handful of shops who specialized in them or even understand them. Most of shops started as design firms and not branding and marketing firms. Thus lacks creativity or strategy.

    2. Law marketing is about 5 years behind. Social media is a taboo. Twitter is like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard to most. However its changing slowly.

    3. Law firms are not risk takers. They like the middle ground. They are happy with being semi invisible.

    4. There are no real marketing department in Law firms.

    5. Lawyers think they know it all. Hence the ad

    6. And if you happen to find a big enough firm that does understand marketing, has a marketing department and has the budget. The fact is the marketing department dont really have any power. its the partners who has the final say.

    Dont get wrong, law marketing can be creative. i happened to work at one that is trying to make that happen. we work like a digital agency with understanding of law marketing. lets just say, we are a new breed of law marketing

    So what is the solution for this.

    CLIENT EDUCATION for starters. and we have a long way to go.

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