What Facebook Connect means to marketers

My Razorfish colleagues Shiv Singh and Jesse Pickard just published a provocative point of view that analyzes the impact of Facebook Connect on the way marketers operate in the digital world.

Shiv and Jesse assert that by extending social media more aggressively to the digital world outside of Facebook, Facebook Connect (and other portable social graphs) will transform how consumers interact with digital technology and each other.

They contend that a new breed of websites is emerging — sites that contain an unheard of amount of information about consumers as well as the ability to integrate more seamlessly wth FacebookS. Shiv and Jesse discuss some interesting “what-if” scenarios to show how Facebook Connect could change Amazon, iTunes, and the iPhone.

This point of view dovetails nicely with an essay published by Marisa Gallagher of Razorfish, “Designing Experiences for the Facebook Generation.” Marisa argues that “social networking is evolving and morphing. It’s now about making the entire Web social intead of just creating a ghetto of destination sites where people have to go to socialize.” She discusses how retailers and even search engines are embedding social media into their everyday experience.

Here’s where you can learn more about the points of view published by Shiv, Jesse, and Marisa:

I’d love your feedback . . . do you agree or disagree?

1 thought on “What Facebook Connect means to marketers

  1. It\’s amazing how much facebook is changing and moving forward to capture more marketshare with their features. Unfortunately I\’m not one of them included in the facebook generation.

    Look at facebook still gives me the headaches with the amount of bells and whistles.

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