They’re tearing down Mount Rushmore

Jacques Barzun once famously wrote, “Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball.” On September 21, one of the baseball’s great ballparks, Yankee Stadium, hosts its last game. Ever.

Yankee Stadium isn’t just the House That Ruth Built. It’s not just a symbol of baseball. It is America, like Frank Sinatra or Mt. Rushmore. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was once described (by Mel Allen) as “the Yankee Stadium of churches,” which sums up Yankee Stadium’s cultural significance perfectly for me.

But all things must pass.

Note: check out Tom Verducci’s excellent article about Yankee Stadium in the 22 September 2009 issue of Sports Illustrated.

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  1. Steve Furman says:

    David, My brother-in-law was at the final Yankees game. Check it out here

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