The joys of in-flight magazines

I ran out of reading material on a long flight from LAX this week and actually read the in-flight magazine (Hemispheres) that United provides for free along with a vomit bag and pretzels. So after reviewing its contents from cover to cover, I have to wonder:

* Is Manny’s of Minneapolis really one of The Original Great Steak Houses of North America?

* Where can I learn about Three Perfect Days in Calumet City?

* Have you ever had a seat-mate who looks like Dr. Jeffry S. Life at age 68 or any age?

* What exactly is Matchmaking in the European Tradition®?

* Doesn’t the Range of Motion exercise machine look like something out of Saw?

* Does anyone ever apply for a new credit card to earn 17,500 bonus miles for a United Mileage Plus® Gold Class Visa® Signature card after reading the fine print in the magazine insert?

* Do you know anyone who ever purchased plastic injection molding and vinyl banners from an ad in an in-flight magazine?

* How important is it for me to know the layout of Charlotte Douglas International Airport?

Just wondering.

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  1. David. I\’ve got a flight back to ORD from PHX on United this Saturday. Thanks for saving me from even having to even open Hemispheres. BTW, a lot of people apply for those Mileage Plus credit cards, no one ever reads the fine print. Steve Furman

  2. I can probably bet you that anyone who bought the range of motion exerciser probably never got accepted by the matchmaking firm, because they did not look anything like Dr Life and never will, and probably indulged in way too many of the steakhouse double baked potatoes fully loaded 😉

    Miss working with you David!

  3. Re: Manny\’s of Minneapolis. Yep, it\’s a great one. Fantastic steaks and side dishes of comically large portions. I haven\’t been there is several years though, shall I make some reservations? 😉

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