Straight talk from Razorfish Chairman Clark Kokich

Props to Razorfish chairman Clark Kokich for launching his blog, “Something to Think About.”  You should care about this one if:

  • You want a no-BS perspective on marketing from an executive who has been there, done that.
  • You’re tired of blogs from senior executives that have been so carefully vetted that they say nothing.
  • You care what one of the leaders in our industry thinks about the future of marketing based on real-world experiences with my employer, Razorfish.

I especially like his recent post, “It’s Time to Embrace Stupidity,” in which he acknowledges that marketers need to get comfortable making mistakes in a world transformed by digital.  How many senior executives are willing to say that?

Check it out, and please let Clark know what you think.

1 thought on “Straight talk from Razorfish Chairman Clark Kokich

  1. Clark,
    Do you know where and how Chris is? I have tried in vain to reach those who may know. I received a strange, uncharacterisitic email from Chris. Probably a hoax, but just in case, I\’m trying to confirm my suspicions.

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