Sheraton enables user-generated March Madness


Just in time for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts has worked with my employer Avenue A | Razorfish to launch an innovative user-generated marketing campaign, On the SheratonWave site, sports fans can post videos of themselves performing the iconic hand “wave” (hitherto an experience reserved for inebriated stadium dwellers). Fans who submit their own waves become eligibile to win tickets to the 2009 NCAA Men’s Final Four.

Meantime, SheratonWave threads together individual waves to create an endless surge of hands. Moreover, participants can tag their own waves with affiliations including their favorite schools and follow a scoreboard that displays the most active college wave entrants.

Sheraton is the Official Hotel Sponsor of the NCAA and an active social media enthusiast. Last year, Sheraton worked with Avenue A | Razorfish to allow travelers to upload their Sheraton experiences on It’s good to see the big brands taking the lead in social media.

As of March 12, Penn State leads the scoreboard on the SheratonWave. They play basketball there?

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