Oscar, you suck


I thought I was being tough on the Academy Awards. Now comes a February 22 Wall Street Journal article, “Fade to Bleak,” which examines the bad buzz surrounding the 2008 Academy Awards. Oh, and last month The Washington Post bitched about Oscar in “Oscars Fade to Bleak.” (Do the Post and WSJ outsource their headline writing to the same editor?) A couple of follow-up points about the bad Oscar buzz:

* The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post attack the buzz value of the Oscar brand. My blog questions the credibilty and authenticity of the Oscar brand.

* A solution to both problems: the stuffy Academy should give some power to the people. How about creating one category, “People’s Choice,” where we can vote on Best Picure, Actor, etc.? Yeah, I know the cheesy People’s Choice Awards is supposed to do that to some degree, but I’m talking about Oscar giving a voice to all the smart alecks like me who think we know movies. The wildly popular Webby Awards, for instance, have a People’s Choice category, which works quite nicely and does not tarnish the prestige of the Webby brand.

Incidentally, I admire Joe Morgenstern, but seriously, do you really believe Juno should win for Best Picture? No one who has met an unwed teen mother in real life would ever vote for that cutesy, hipper-than-thou fluff.

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  2. re. Juno…

    Amen. Why are people going crazy over that film? A 16 year-old who talks like a geeky 35 year-old pop-culture junkie including references to Dario Argento, Iggy & The Stooges and Soupy Sales?! Oh, and teen pregnancy… no big deal.

    For what it\’s worth, I gave up on the Oscars after Forest Gump beat out Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption for best picture.

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