Marketing rant: keep it simple, stupid


Reporting from the Consumer Electronics Show, the January 8 Chicago Tribune breathlessly announced that new consumer gadgets are selling simplicity over technical jargon.

“Instead of focusing on megapixels, RAM and lines of resolution, productmakers are trying to remove the intimidation factor by focusing on how their gear can meet people’s needs,” reported the Tribune on its front page.

A marketing executive from Kodak was quoted as saying, “The consumer deosn’t care about how many megapixels a digital camera has. They just want to konw why their photos are blurry and what are we going to do about it.” Another executive intoned, “We will put total attention on what consumers want an need.”

Huh? So making products easy to use is front-page news? Shouldn’t ease of use be a given instead of a “marketing trend”?

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  1. You are twisting their words.

    I think that the whole idea is that instead of focusing on pushing technical jargons onto the user, advertising are trending towards how a product will help the consumer live better.

    In other words, selling through qualitative means as opposed to quantitative means.


  2. Thank you for weighing in. I hear you. I would be less cynical if I really felt the advertisers meant what they said, but high-tech consumer products remain a confusing mess, and I don\’t see any improvement in sight.

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