Marketers must think like technologists


At the recent Razorfish Technology Summit, CEO Bob Lord declared that “CMOs who do not understand technology will die.”  In that spirit, on February 10, my employer Razorfish published its first-ever Razorfish 5: Five Technologies That Will Change Your Business under the guidance of Razorfish Chief Technology Officer Ray Velez.  The audience for this report consists of C-level decision makers.  The report’s premise: technology has become so intertwined with a successful customer experience that CMOs need to think like technologists as well as business strategists.  Razorfish 5 assesses the importance of technologies ranging from cloud computing to multi-touch.  Among its predictions:

  • Cloud services will make it easier for businesses to tap into a consumer’s social profile, making brands more social than they are now.  Facebook Connect will become more powerful than Facebook.  More transactional business will be conducted through the cloud, perhaps even stock trading on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Multi-touch, already a mainstream phenomenon, will infiltrate retail environments so extensively that multi-touch will be the norm.  Soon a national retailer will have multi-touch in every store.
  • Agile software development methods will push businesses to think of software development as a solution to innovation.

I invite marketers to read more by downloading a PDF here.  Moreover, this blog post from the Razorfish Technology blog and this press release also contain summary findings.  Please let us know your reactions.

5 thoughts on “Marketers must think like technologists

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  2. Wow, I can\’t disagree strongly enough here, marketers thinking like technologists is where the worst marketing ideas have emerged from. Marketers need to think like designers to use technology appropriately, they must be like social scientists, anthropologists, ethnographers, they must develop deep understanding of what drives human behavior, and what motivates individuals, groups, and communities. Design and strategy must lead, technology is the hammer, and if it\’s all you have everything will look like a nail.

  3. I agree that CMOs that don\’t understand technology will die. But this report is exactly why they don\’t understand technology. Too much tribal language. Who should blink here? I say CMO can\’t blink, too much on their plate. Technology has spent too much time winking. Perhaps tech should blink and take a step back. It\’s moving too fast for the average consumer anyway.


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