Is Apple Disrupting Industries Again?


Do you remember when Apple could change entire industries with its product launches? Apple just might be returning to its industry disrupting ways with the launch of Apple Watch. When the Watch was unveiled in September, not only was I was struck by the passionate reactions (ranging from praise to vilification), I was impressed by how many different industry publications offered opinions. We heard from markets as wide ranging as advertising, automotive, fashion, healthcare, and retail. In a recently published blog post for innovation consultancy BeyondCurious, I speculate on how Apple Watch might affect automotive and retail. As I note in my post, the Apple Watch’s impact on retail really hinges on the uptake of the Apple Pay mobile wallet. In other words, Apple Watch is part of a larger ecosystem that Apple hopes to build and therefore influence. And Apple just might succeed: the necessary financial institutions and major retailers are falling into line (although not all of them are). Is Apple the industry disruptor really back? Let me know what you think.

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