How to Be a Market Maker


Steve Jobs is like the Beatles: we admire them, but how many of marketers believe we can change the world like they did? Well, my newly published white paper, How to Be a Market Maker, shows you how you can inject the spirit of great leaders like Steve Jobs into your everyday life. How to Be a Market Maker assets that you don’t need to unleash another iPad to change the world. By instilling your personal imprint on your everyday job (as artists do), you can go beyond selling things to influence how other people act, think, and believe. How to Be a Market Maker uses a storytelling approach to bring to life the attributes of market makers such as Jobs, Body Shop Founder Anita Roddick, Alltop founder Guy Kawasaki, and Atlantic Records Founder Ahmet Ertegun.  Periodically I’ll blog about some of the ideas in How to Be a Market Maker. In addition, Fast Company has published an excerpt here. Meantime, I hope you read the PoV and let me know what you think of it.

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