How can media survive in the digital age?


News media find themselves at the center of one of the hottest stories in the digital age: how can publishers make the transition to digital? My employer Razorfish decided to find answers by interviewing publishers such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. The results were announced today in the form of a new report, Nimble, available for download here. The report urges publishers to think of themselves as brands (not just content providers) that live on multiple platforms.

An example of a publisher that has already become a strong brand is ESPN. ESPN is more than a provider of sports content. We think of ESPN the way we think of Nike, as synonymous with sports, period. ESPN has embedded itself into popular culture through great content, yes, but also through clever marketing, merchandising, and aggressive branding across multiple consumer touch points, including, of course, TV, the Web, radio, and mobile. And ESPN almost always anticipates and responds to consumer tastes — for example, look for the launch of ESPN 3D on June 11. ESPN 3D will be the first consumer 3D channel in the United States, not just the first sports viewing 3D channel.

Nimble explores several revenue models — for instance, Major League Baseball repackages content in the form of a free application for basic scores and news but also a paid application that allows for access to premium content

I invite you to explore Nimble and let me know what you think of it (or reach out to the Nimble team on Twitter here). For more insights about Nimble, check out the Going Social Now blog by my colleague Shiv Singh and the Razorfish Scatter/Gather blog.

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