How about a career at American Apparel?

“If you’re offended by sexual innuendo or masturbation or sexual coloring books — if you’re offended by any of these, then don’t work here” — Dov Charney, CEO, American Apparel Inc., quoted in The Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition, 12 April 2008

4 thoughts on “How about a career at American Apparel?

  1. What\’s more offensive about that quote is that the wall street journal didn\’t challenge it. dov thinks that because he founded american apparel that he can do whatever he wants to and around his employees. The law states you can\’t, regardless of your position. Why didn\’t the wsj address that with him?? The media just screws up every interview with him. I anticipate many lawsuits against him and aa because of his outrageous behavior. There are countless reasons lawsuits could be brought against him from the articles I\’ve read. If he were to surround himself with older and stronger people, american apparel might have already been forced to close shop under the weight of lawsuits filed by people who actually understand themselves, unlike the teenagers he surrounds himself with who have no idea about how workplace environments should be and how the law protects them.

  2. I hear you. I think he pretty much hanged himself with his own comments, though. And the quote was just the tip of the iceberg. I can\’t see how anyone in his or her right mind would invest in American Apparel after reading the entire WSJ article — it was pretty damning.

  3. Yeah, cuz what matters isn\’t the quality of their clothes or the popularity of their sales, what matters is the sex life of their CEO. This is nothing but bread and circuses.

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