Avenue A | Razorfish, Pluck to develop social media offering

At AD:TECH Chicago August 5, Wendy Aldrich of Disney Parks and Resorts mentioned how Disney uses digital media to engage consumers wherever they they are. Her comments provide a fitting pretext for an August 6 announcement from my employer, Avenue A | Razorfish, and Pluck Corp., to develop a new hybrid digital marketing and social media offering that will help marketers better engage with consumers across the digital world.

The offering, code-named AdLife, will inject social media features like customer comments and user-generated content into digital advertisements such as banner ads or microsites – in effect, turning mainstream ads into social media opportunities distributed across the digital world.

For instance, let’s say you’re Disney Parks & Resorts, and you want to promote a new attraction at a theme park. With AdLife, Disney could launch a banner advertisement that enables consumers to review the new attraction itself by clicking on the ad, as well as read feedback from other vacationers, without ever leaving the point of display for the advertisement. Disney then might use AdLife to link that ad (plus user-generated content) to its own branded microsite, the Disney YouTube channel, or other properties where Disney consumers play.

AdLife is not a substitute for the cool experiences that Wendy shared, like the contest on YouTube where you can upload your favorite Disney park memories. What AdLife does is give Disney a way to combine mainstream and social media properties to engage consumers — and help them engage with each other — across the digital landscape.

The next step is for Avenue A | Razorfish and Pluck to work with marketers to do beta testing before making AdLife available. Meantime today’s news is a sign of how social media and advertising are converging. The enterprise has a rightful claim to employing social media and influencers to achieve its marketing and business objectives (what Avenue A | Razorfish calls Social Influence Marketing™). AdLife will help them do that.

For more information, feel free to contact me or my colleague Shiv Singh.

9 thoughts on “Avenue A | Razorfish, Pluck to develop social media offering

  1. Smart move. According to Bazaarvoice, their clients have seen lift in ad response by adding customer ratings and reviews to the creative. But will this be enough to overcome negative sentiment towards advertising in general? I guess we\’ll wait to hear more about the ROI, as profits tend to cure ailments…

  2. Thank you for weighing in. Giving consumers a voice is a step in the right direction toward overcoming negative sentiment about advertising. We are encouraged by big brands like Levi\’s (501 Design Challenge) and Kraft Crystal Light (uPumpItUp community site), which are taking a smart approach toward incorporating social media into their brand building efforts.

  3. Pluck\’s offering is similar to what we are doing at Spongecell. We recently introduced a rich media product that allow consumers to take action – set reminders, add items to calendars, social network feeds, view maps, set bookmarks or otherwise move content to a meaningful place in their lives, all from within the ad unit.

    The difference between what the widget distribution guys (Gigya, Clearspring, etc) and Pluck / Spongecell are doing is that we operate with understanding of what is being advertised – going beyond a \”copy this box\” to your social network. How many people outside of the 12 – 19 demographic interact with widgets on a daily basis anyhow?

    It seems that the challenge for us, Pluck and others in this space is getting advertisers to understand that there is value beyond the clickthrough.

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