Auto shopping in 3-D

Razorfish operations in Germany, known as Neue Digitale/Razorfish, have launched the first real-time 3-D configurator for Microsoft Surface — which makes it possible for multiple customers to design their own Audi A4 automobile together.  Consumers can collaborate to design their own car, including adjusting the paint finish and selecting packaging components.  The final configuration is projected on to a high-definition display.

This an experience best seen, not explained — so have fun with the video above.

Razorfish (my employer) and our global network have been employing touch-based environments in industries such as retail and automotive for quite some time.  We strive to show how the art of branding is about building great consumer experiences, not plastering one-way messages.  Check out the Razorfish Emerging Experiences blog for more examples including the Razorfashion application.

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  1. larry heard says:

    You got that right, videos tell a thousands stories than pictures. Really cool technology, it would even sound cooler if our home pc are like this.

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