A clever product for clever (digital) moms

How do you discuss diaper pails in the digital world?

My employer Razorfish helped Munchkin Inc. address this challenge by involving social influencers (moms) through the new Diaperpail microsite that launched in November.  The work is a good example of how Social Influence Marketing can help a company roll out a new product.

Munchkin designs and manufactures infant and toddler products, relying mostly on print ads to raise awareness with consumers.  Munchkin asked Razorfish to figure out how to use digital to launch a new product, the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin.  The Razorfish project team did its homework and knew that Munchkin would need to tap into expectant moms’ natural concerns about making the right decision when it comes to products they trust for their newborns.  The Munchkin/Razorfish approach: involve the voices of independent mommy bloggers.  (TwitterMoms helped.)

“A Clever Product for a Clever Mom” (a theme Razorfish devised for the product launch) celebrates clever tips that moms share for their nurseries.  The first phase of the campaign, the Diaperpail site, features tips from mom bloggers on how to keep one’s nursery clean and fresh.  For instance, Missy W (gearheadmom.com) discusses how adding a few drops of lavender to baking soda can make your nursery smelling more fresh when you are cleaning a diaper pail.

The tips reveal themselves as you explore a nursery:

The moms do not hawk the diaper pail in any explicit way; they help create an atmosphere of trust and usefulness through their tips for nursery maintenance, thus helping the brand connect emotionally to moms in a more subtle way.

The next step is for Munchkin and Razorfish to launch a digital advertising campaign that will increase product awareness and drive traffic to the microsite.  In January, print advertisements created by Razorfish for American Baby and Fit Pregnancy magazines will also raise awareness and drive site traffic. (Lisa Sugar, founder of the Pop Sugar network, will appear in the ads.)

Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin is also an example of how an agency can help a client launch a new product, as Razorfish in November 2008 with the Intel Core i7 microprocessor and earlier this year by supporting the launch of the Mercedes-Benz USA E-class sedan and the Coors Light cold activated can.  In all those cases, the clients are making digital (and a digital agency) an essential part of the launch.  With Munchkin, digital takes the lead.

To be sure, Munchkin and Razorfish have their work cut out for themselves.  The leading diaper pail product, Diaper Genie, enjoys a 90-percent market share according to Brandweek.  Since the effort launched only weeks ago, results are still forthcoming.  We’ll follow up down the road with results.

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