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Let’s say you’re thinking of buying a new espresso machine but you’re not sure how it will look in your kitchen. You might turn to, where you can drag and drop Breville products like juicers, coffee makers, and toasters inside your own customizable kitchen countertop.  Designed with my employer Avenue A | Razorfish using Adobe Macromedia Flash, the Breville Concept to Kitchen plays off three consumer insights:

  • We’re using the internet to test-drive products before we buy them.
  • We want to see how products look in our living spaces without having to physically lug them home.
  • Increasingly we’re empowered by broadband to simulate the experiences we want with the simple click of a mouse.

At, you can watch interactive videos that demonstrate how, say, a Breville Juice Fountain Elite turns a pineapple slice into a yummy glass of pineapple juice. Then you can toggle over to the kitchen to see how the juicer might look in context of a kitchen counter whose look you can customize to match the style and color of your cabinets, countertop, and backsplash.

You can also view product specs, purchase products online, or find out where to buy them offline. is one of many consumer experiences that appeal to emotion. Researching an espresso purchase or learning how to install a product in your home need not be a left-brain, transactional experience as companies like Breville and AT&T have demonstrated (the latter through the AT&T Digital Lifestyle Center). The web can and should be playful, fun, and interactive.
Now go build your own kitchen.

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