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Spin Creative Gold with “Yes, And . . .”

Photo credit: Brian Schultz If you want to inspire people to do great work, try the “Yes, and . . .” approach. “Yes, and . . .” is a popular expression in theater, especially in improvisational comedy. You might have … Continue reading

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How DJ Khaled Uses Visual Storytelling to Sell His “Keys”

Even though album sales continue to decline, album cover art is more important than it was during the days when vinyl ruled the world. As I have discussed on my blog, today album cover art acts as a visual imprint … Continue reading

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Uber’s Future: Snapchat on Wheels

I recently received an invitation to check out some behind-the-scenes Rogue One: A Star Wars Story videos and watch cartoon images of Star Wars X-Wings fly through the streets of Chicago. There was only one catch: the experience was available … Continue reading

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A Place of Magic

Photo credit: Brian Schultz “I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now . . . … Continue reading

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“Revolver”: Great Art Endures 50 Years Later

I cannot let Friday end without commenting on Revolver, which was released 50 years ago today. I didn’t get into the album until after I’d freed myself from the Beatles’ mythology, broadened my own musical tastes, and learned to appreciate … Continue reading

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Your Audience Is Always Watching

Photo credit: Ivan Phillips Your audience is always watching even if you can’t see them. Years ago, I was hanging out at one of those sweaty summer suburban festivals where the food consists of elephant ears and the carnival rides … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality at Cedar Point: First Impressions

Virtual reality is grabbing the headlines right now, but augmented reality has a bigger near-term future. My recent experience with a new AR-based game at Cedar Point Amusement Park illustrates how AR can make an already excellent customer experience better. … Continue reading

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Own the Stage

Photo credit: Elizabeth Singer. At some point in your life, you will need to learn how to work a stage properly, whether you are a student presenting a paper to your classmates or an executive sharing company news with your … Continue reading

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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Photo credit: Wayne Hile “Get comfortable being uncomfortable” is one of those pearls of wisdom that career coaches are fond of sharing to inspire others to succeed. The notion makes sense: only by stretching your comfort zone can you learn … Continue reading

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Would Led Zeppelin Succeed Today?

Led Zeppelin. The name evokes the hammer of the gods, hypnotic music forged in the mists of Mordor and the mountains of Kashmir, and the heavy gravitas of legend. Here is a band whose place in rock history is secure. Five … Continue reading

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