Yep — this is digital advertising, too

Smile – ASDA’s rolling back more prices from Razorfish UK on Vimeo.

You might have heard about the fancy Razorfish online/offline viral campaign created with all® detergent   Now comes British retailer ASDA (a Wal-Mart subsidiary), which asked the Razorfish London office to create digital advertising that supports ASDA’s “price rollback” campaign.  We took a completely different approach for ASDA.  In keeping with the ASDA value-based brand, we stripped the advertising down to the essential message in a video that looks deliberately home-made.

I invite you to visit the ASDA website and then watch the video we posted on Vimeo.  What do you think?  Make sense for the brand?

2 thoughts on “Yep — this is digital advertising, too

  1. David,

    I can\’t comment on how it aligns with the brand as I don\’t know it. but I love the execution. Sticks, boxes and laser jet printed signs. Would love to know it it was effective.


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