Jimmy Page, the Hardy Boys & Razorfish

In the Marketing Hitch Ad Industry Innovator series, David Wiggs was kind enough to profile Razorfish and my role as vice president of marketing.  David indicates that Razorfish has “helped reshape marketing conversations by leading public, transparent discussions on how digital touches all aspects of the marketing enterprise.”  In my conversation with David, I discuss a few examples of how Razorfish helps reshape marketing conversations through thought leadership like the social influence research that my colleague Andrea Harrison has been developing.  I also touch upon how Razorfish lives the social values through employee blogging, among other activities.  David’s profile also mentions aspects of my personal life, such as personal inspirations (Jimmy Page), and books I’m reading (Hardy Boys along with my daughter).  The personal touch is not only fun but relevant.  At the 2009 Razorfish Client Summit, Matthew Weiner, the genius behind Mad Men, provided several examples of how Mad Men episodes reflect his personal life and experiences.  You might say Jimmy Page is working hard at Razorfish.

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