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Beyoncé Finds a New Muse

Was anyone ready for the new-look Beyoncé? After creating a body of work that celebrated self-empowerment through sexuality, Queen Bey has released searing music that tackles themes such as black femininity, social inequality, spirituality, and marital politics. In other words, … Continue reading

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The Coachella 360-Degree Live Stream Disappoints

Hey, Coachella: I want my glorious live stream back. For years, the Coachella music festival has set the gold standard with event live streams largely because its camera crews make you feel like you’re right on stage with the artists. … Continue reading

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The Future of Concert Live Streaming: Social Virtual Reality

Music is the star of the annual Coachella festival, which kicked off April 15 for the weekend and resumes April 22, but virtual reality is starting to grab its own headlines. Coachella and recently announced the launch of its own virtual … Continue reading

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Empathy at Trader Joe’s

In X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, Brian Solis asserts that experience is the new brand, and he devotes an entire book discussing how companies can create “memorable moments for your customers through every encounter they have with your brand … Continue reading

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“How We Listen Now” Confronts the Music Industry

Cortney Harding is on a mission to wake up the music industry. The writer and music industry consultant has recently published How We Listen Now: Essays and Conversations about Music and Technology, a provocative examination of two different worlds: on the … Continue reading

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How James Kaplan Paints Music with Words

Every once in a while, a book comes along that makes you want to become a better writer. You cannot always predict when those breakthroughs will happen. A case in point: James Kaplan’s two-volume biography of Frank Sinatra, Frank: The Voice … Continue reading

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