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Six Famous Movies That Lived up to Massive Hype

What’s more impressive: the fact that 195 nations signed a global accord on climate change or that Star Wars: The Force Awakens lived up to the hype? I’m going to go with Star Wars. The Paris Agreement to fight climate … Continue reading

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Honoring #BestBlackAlbumCovers

What are the best all-time album covers by black artists? Google #BestBlackAlbumCovers and find out. On December 23, 2015, @SonofBaldwin started tweeting his favorite album covers from black artists, using the hashtag #BestBlackAlbumCovers. What followed was Twitter on its best … Continue reading

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Why the Beatles Are Streaming: Legacy, Baby

At a time when news headlines are dominated by disturbing stories about terrorism, social strife, and ugly politics, the world just found reason to rejoice: the Beatles are finally streaming their music. Everyone is reporting the announcement about the Beatles making their beloved … Continue reading

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Memorable Album Covers of 2015

The massive success of Adele’s 25 has prompted the music industry to speculate that maybe the record album as an art form is back. Well, record albums aren’t back — Adele is. Meantime, the album remains stuck in a long, sad … Continue reading

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Apple Watch: Hot or Not?

Adweek‘s hottest digital gadget of 2015 is also one of the most controversial. The Apple Watch has been called both a flop and a behavior-changing device. I believe that the Apple Watch is a flawed first-generation product that will ultimately … Continue reading

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Adele and Taylor Swift: The Diva and the BFF

Adele and Taylor Swift succeed by writing and performing personal songs that connect emotionally with a fan base consisting mostly of women. But they have pursued markedly different approaches to building their personal brands, demonstrating that superstars can write their … Continue reading

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The Reinvention of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is back. The onetime scourge of western civilization has reestablished his musical relevance with his first-ever Number One single (“What Do You Mean?”) on the Billboard Hot 100 and an album, Purpose, that was Number One on the … Continue reading

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