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The Golden Shaman: Robert Plant’s Journey

Photo credit: Ed Miles A Robert Plant concert sends you on a journey. On September 23, his concert at Northerly Island took me to the mountains of Appalachia, the plains of the Mississippi Delta, and the west coast of Africa. … Continue reading

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Keith Richards: The Old Man Keeps Growing

Keith Richards is a crotchety old man. He hates new music. He gives the stink eye to some famous old music, too (he told Esquire that Sgt. Peppers was “rubbish”). He told Billboard recently that he seldom gets out anymore … Continue reading

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“Wish You Were Here”: The Art of Absence

Two men, one of them in flames, shake hands in a studio back lot. The image of a nude woman emerges from a red veil. A diver breaks the waves of a lake without creating a splash or ripple in … Continue reading

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#Kanye2020: Brilliant Branding, Bro

The Kanye West brand is like a Ferrari careening down a highway. Sometimes you want to watch the spectacle. Other times you want to get out of the way. And then there are times when you wish you were in … Continue reading

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Own the Stage

Photo credit: Elizabeth Singer. At some point in your life, you will need to learn how to work a stage properly, whether you are a student presenting a paper to your classmates or an executive sharing company news with your … Continue reading

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Will Beacons Help Target Improve the Shopping Experience?

Target recently announced the rollout of beacons at 50 stores in Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, New York City, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle. Beacons are devices placed in locations that make it possible to share content (such as offers) with … Continue reading

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