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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Photo credit: Wayne Hile “Get comfortable being uncomfortable” is one of those pearls of wisdom that career coaches are fond of sharing to inspire others to succeed. The notion makes sense: only by stretching your comfort zone can you learn … Continue reading

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Will the Truth Set Dr. Dre Free?

Did Dr. Dre’s apology go far enough? On August 21, hip-hop legend and now Apple consultant Dr. Dre issued a statement to The New York Times addressing longstanding reports about his history of violence against women, including a 1991 incident in … Continue reading

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How Movie Theaters Are Competing Harder for Your Time and Money

Movie theaters face the same challenge as sports stadiums: they need to fill seats even when they cannot control the quality of the product they offer. Wrigley Field must sell tickets and concessions whether the Chicago Cubs are contending for … Continue reading

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How Musician Alison Goldfrapp Creates Social Media Mystique

Recently, I was talking with a director about how artists use social media. He vowed never to use it. “Lifting the veil to your private life ruins the artist’s mystique,” he said. And he has a point. Sharing on social … Continue reading

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Would Led Zeppelin Succeed Today?

Led Zeppelin. The name evokes the hammer of the gods, hypnotic music forged in the mists of Mordor and the mountains of Kashmir, and the heavy gravitas of legend. Here is a band whose place in rock history is secure. Five … Continue reading

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