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The CMO Is Changing — Are You?

Chief marketing officers are becoming business leaders with operational expertise in order to gain the respect of their C-suite peers. Tomorrow’s CMOs will need to master analytics, technology, and innovation. Those are some of the key take-aways of Your CMO … Continue reading

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Why Winning with Digital Is Like Making a Movie

Mastering digital business is a lot like making a movie: you need to assemble a network of experts instead of trying to do it all yourself. Embracing an ecosystem to create customer value was the main take-away of Level Up: … Continue reading

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Jermaine Dupri Wants to Save R&B with New Jagged Edge Album

If you want to get a rise out of music legend Jermaine Dupri, ask him about the new Jagged Edge album, J.E. Heartbreak II. Dropping October 27, J.E. Heartbreak II reunites Dupri with the group he signed to his So … Continue reading

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Three Marketing Lessons from Bill McDermott’s “Winners Dream”

Everyone loves a winner. But what are winners made of? According to Winners Dream, new book by SAP CEO Bill McDermott, winners know how to dream big, empathize with others, and sense and respond to change. McDermott’s book matters to … Continue reading

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Is Apple Disrupting Industries Again?

Do you remember when Apple could change entire industries with its product launches? Apple just might be returning to its industry disrupting ways with the launch of Apple Watch. When the Watch was unveiled in September, not only was I … Continue reading

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How Robert Plant Reinvented Himself

One of the consequences of fame is being pigeonholed. McDonald’s is so well known for serving burgers, fries, and milkshakes that the fast-food giant has struggled to become a credible alternative for salads and smoothies. Sean Connery found it difficult … Continue reading

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