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How Soundrop Turns Music Discovery into a Social Experience Among Fans and Artists

Imagine yourself discovering a hip new band on Spotify while you chat live with other fans — or even with the band itself. Thanks to Oslo-based music start-up Soundrop, you can do just that. The two-year-old music service provides a … Continue reading

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How One Tweet from Jimmy Page Turned “Ramblize” into a Media Sensation

How did an obscure song that was languishing on YouTube for two years suddenly capture the interest of music journalists? Two words: Jimmy Page. Here’s the scoop: on November 15, the guitar god shared via Twitter a cryptic message about … Continue reading

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Mariah Carey Turns a Facebook Mistake into an Opportunity

Earlier this week, I blogged about how one musical star of the analog age, Mariah Carey, embraced digital by releasing a new song on Facebook November 11. The song, “The Art of Letting Go,” was shared with Carey’s 14 million … Continue reading

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Could the Dark Vision of “Chinatown” Have Survived Today?

“Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.” Those words famously ended Chinatown, Roman Polanski’s 1974 homage to film noir, which stands today as a dark masterpiece. The scene in which Detective J.J. Gittes (played by Jack Nicholson) watches helplessly as the evil … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey: Attack of the Digital Divas

Welcome to new music release day 2013, when the deployment of social and mobile technology by the artist is as important as the sharing of the music itself. The era of expecting the unveiling of a record album or song … Continue reading

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How Ticketmaster Has Fought Resale Marketplaces by Disrupting Itself

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That’s the lesson Ticketmaster learned from its own journey through digital disruption, according to Jared Smith, president of Ticketmaster North America. At the Forrester eBusiness Forum November 6, Smith discussed how Ticketmaster has … Continue reading

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Forrester Research: How to Adopt an Innovator’s Mindset

Few industries have experienced digital disruption as financial services have. In recent years, established banks have had their lunch served to them by smaller, more nimble start-ups such as and, which rely on digital to provide services such … Continue reading

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Forrester Research Welcomes You to the Digital Revolution

It feels like 1999 all over again at the 2013 Forrester Research eBusiness & Channel Strategy Forum, whose theme is “Lead the Digital Business Revolution.” About 750 attendees from big brands like Southwest Airlines are coming to grips with a … Continue reading

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