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Backstage at the Oscars

Simply watching major events like the Academy Awards and Grammys is a passé experience. These days you can go backstage and rub elbows with the stars thanks to second-screen capabilities offered by forward-thinking organizations like the Academy of Motion Picture … Continue reading

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Queen of My Soul

Music, sweet music. You’re the queen of my soul. Those words come from a soaring Average White Band song, “Queen of My Soul.” I’ve been thinking a lot about that song during a week defined by my love of music. … Continue reading

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Ahmet Ertegun: The Man Who Changed Music

What do you have on your Spotify playlist right now? Chances are that Ahmet Ertegun had a hand influencing the music you’ve chosen. As founder and president of Atlantic Records, Ertegun signed and nurtured musicians who shaped the sound of … Continue reading

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A Slice of Hip-Hop: “Game Light,” by Signs

I met hip-hop artist Signs (aka Sunny Ade) on a cold Chicago sidewalk, when he handed me his album All I Need and told my wife how beautiful she looks (which is an effective way to get my attention if … Continue reading

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Daria Musk and Google+: The Making of a Rock Star

Musician Daria Musk has famously built a career through Google+. She’s part of the emerging generation of artists whose success hinges on social media. Instead of simply building brand awareness with social media (which is standard operating procedure for savvy … Continue reading

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Flip off a Judge and Become a Celebrity

File this one under “Only in America”: on February 4, a Florida teen named Penelope Soto flips off a judge at a hearing for a Xanax possession charge, which earns her a 30-day contempt of court sentence.  The moment is … Continue reading

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How to Be a Market Maker

Steve Jobs is like the Beatles: we admire them, but how many of marketers believe we can change the world like they did? Well, my newly published white paper, How to Be a Market Maker, shows you how you can … Continue reading

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Rapper Mike Lo: “Those Beats Talk to Me”

He’s Mike Lo if you didn’t know. Underground rapper Mike Lo sings with the swagger of Eminem and smirks like one of the Beastie Boys. He lives in two worlds — the one he needs to make ends meet and … Continue reading

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“Hey Kid, Catch”: How Coca-Cola and Mean Joe Greene Launched a Legend

The Super Bowl is the quintessential American pastime. No other event captures the essence of American culture so perfectly: our love of sport, our admiration of spectacle, and our devotion to capitalism. How else do you explain why the Super … Continue reading

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