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Guy Kawasaki’s golden rules

How well I remember being invited to participate in the newly launched Google+ in the summer of 2011. Right off the bat, Google Plus seemed different from Facebook. Its clean layout encouraged posting more long-form content and graphics. Its membership … Continue reading

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Real-time content marketing on Facebook

On March 30, whether you like it or not, Facebook will transition all brand pages to its Timeline format, which offers marketers more visually exciting ways to share their content. A new white paper published by my colleagues in the … Continue reading

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The hip-hop journey of Prince Mick

The music and film of hip-hop artist Prince Mick takes you on an extraordinary journey: his own. The journey begins on the streets of the west side of Chicago, where Prince Mick once lived the violent life of a gangbanger. … Continue reading

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Billy Corgan, Brian Solis, and the personal touch at SXSW

My experience at SXSW Interactive this week was marked by catching up with friends, a massive amount of networking, very little sleep, and some inspirational content, most notably the Billy Corgan/Brian Solis session about Corgan’s uneasy relationship with a music-buying public … Continue reading

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Is rock dead?

What does the future look like for rock and roll? It’s a question that will surely be on the minds of participants at the 2012 South by Southwest Music festival, which kicks off this week. I believe the future of … Continue reading

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