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The reincarnation of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is the latest example of how sudden death ignites the career of a down-and-out, self-destructive artist. You see it happen time and again: a troubled celebrity dies unexpectedly. Said celebrity then realizes a surge in PR popularity and … Continue reading

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Why Google wants you to win the zero moment of truth

Jim Lecinksi wants marketers to respect the power of the zero moment of truth. And he just conducted an interview with me to tell you why. In his new ebook, Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Jim, Google’s managing director … Continue reading

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Spammers, Baby Boomers, and Google+

Boy, do I feel like a digital slacker. On June 28, Google invited me to a Field Trial of Google+ — and you better believe I interrupted a family vacation to get involved lest I miss out on all the … Continue reading

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Real-time marketing requires real talent

My employer iCrossing has been collecting digital executives. Thought leader Roger Wood joined the company’s digital media practice in May. Former Jupiter Research analyst Gary Stein joined the strategy team in June. And, as announced today, former NBC Universal executive … Continue reading

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AXE: sexy and useful at Pitchfork 2011

Want to make your brand memorable? Be useful. AXE just showed me how at the 2011 Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Most of us know about AXE, the provider of men’s body grooming products, from its slick and sexually provocative … Continue reading

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How a janitor and “Hotel California” shaped me

If I have enjoyed any success as a writer and marketer, I need to thank the guy who pushed a broom and carried out the trash at my junior high school in 1977. His name was Larry, and he introduced … Continue reading

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