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Brand loyal-tee

Conventional wisdom says brand loyalty is dead, and yet a recent discovery I made at a nearby Target store indicates we are still willing to pledge our allegiance to a logo, at least. Shoppers in the mens department are apparently … Continue reading

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Role players rule at comic/entertainment expo

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) is aptly named. The three-day show demonstrates the convergence of graphic books, movies, and games that has made its indelible mark on industries ranging from media/entertainment to tourism. From March 18-20, the 2011 … Continue reading

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Netflix wants to own your entertainment

According to Deadline Hollywood, Netflix has become a content creator (not just distributor) by outbidding HBO and AMC to underwrite the production of House of Cards, a 26-episode drama series directed by David Fincher. Deadline Hollywood says that the deal (probably … Continue reading

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The Zune is dead. Long live Zune.

Microsoft has announced the discontinuation of Zune devices, and at first blush, the news sounds gloomy, as reflected in this Mashable headline: “RIP Zune Player, 2006-2011.” But look beyond the headline, and the news is not as bad as it … Continue reading

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My battle with bullies

When I was growing up, bullies tormented me occasionally, and writing this blog post evokes some painful memories. I’m sharing my story to raise awareness for Facebook’s announcement to combat bullying by making it possible for people to report harassment … Continue reading

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Charlie don’t surf

Why does the train wreck known as Charlie Sheen have 2.2 million Twitter followers (and counting) and a radio channel devoted to his every utterance? Is he just a freak show who will fold up his tent and disappear? In … Continue reading

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Guy Kawasaki gets personal

I read Guy Kawasaki’s new book Enchantment expecting to learn how to become a better marketer. Instead I became immersed in something deeper: a discussion on how to be a better person, with more effective marketing being a by-product. Enchantment … Continue reading

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iPad 2 spoof ad

  Just watch and enjoy

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Rescuing Antarctica with Facebook wall posts

Arturo Pelayo doesn’t want to change the world. He just wants to protect it. The educator and web strategist just departed his home in Chicago to join a group of 83 students and business people on a 15-day expedition known … Continue reading

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